Cocktail Types

8 Different types Understand the difference

Cocktails come in all shapes and sizes, from classic and sophisticated to fun and fruity. Each cocktail has its unique flavor profile and style, offering various options to suit every taste preference. Our cocktail guide has everything you need to become a skilled bartender. Get ready to elevate your home bar experience.

Classic Cocktails 

Impress your guests with timeless cocktails that have stood the test of time. Our classic cocktail recipes will take you on a journey through the golden age of cocktails with timeless recipes that will never go out of style. From the legendary Martini to the sophisticated Old Fashioned, we have the perfect recipe for any occasion.

Dessert Cocktails

Indulge your sweet tooth with our dessert cocktail recipes. These delicious and decadent drinks are the perfect way to end a meal or add a little sweetness to your evening. From creamy and rich Brandy Alexanders to the fruity and refreshing Lemon Meringue Pie, our dessert cocktails are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Highball Cocktails

Satisfy your thirst with our refreshing highball cocktails. These long, cool drinks are perfect for hot summer days or any time you need a refreshing pick-me-up. From the classic Gin and Tonic to the spicy and tangy Moscow Mule, our highball cocktails are sure to quench your thirst and leave you feeling refreshed.

Modern Classic Cocktails

Looking for something new and exciting? Our modern classic cocktail recipes take the best of the old and add a new twist, creating fresh and exciting drinks that are perfect for any occasion. From the spicy and smoky Mezcal Negroni to the herbaceous and refreshing Chartreuse Swizzle, our modern classic cocktails are the perfect way to try something new.

Punch Cocktails

Perfect for sharing with friends, our punch cocktail recipes are a fun and festive way to get the party started. From the classic and fruity Sangria to the spicy and warming Hot Toddy, our punch cocktails are perfect for any occasion, from summer barbecues to cozy winter nights by the fire.

Short and Boozy Cocktails

Sometimes you just need something to warm you up or start the party. Our short and boozy cocktail recipes are the perfect way to do that. From the classic and sophisticated Manhattan to the sweet and spicy Bee's Knees, our short and boozy cocktails are perfect for any occasion.

Sour Cocktails

Get ready to pucker up with our sour cocktail recipes. These tangy and refreshing drinks are the perfect way to add a little zing to your evening. From the classic Whiskey Sour to the fruity and refreshing Margarita, our sour cocktails are the perfect way to add a little sour to your sweet.

Tiki Cocktails

Take a trip to the tropics with our tiki cocktail recipes. These exotic and fruity drinks are the perfect way to transport yourself to a sunny beach, even on the dreariest of days. From the classic and fruity Mai Tai to the spicy and complex Zombie, our tiki cocktails are the perfect way to add a little island flair to your evening.