Whisky Tasting

Welcome drink Tour of the distillery Tasting of our whisky 2 hours in total

Join us on a journey into the world of whisky-making, where you'll learn from our elite distillers and explore the intricate process from grain to barrel. Experience the electrifying ambiance of our venue and taste exclusive single malt whiskies. Challenge your perception of this timeless beverage and discover what makes our craft distinctively Danish.

This is not just a whisky tasting, it's a true whisky adventure.

Investigating the Art of Distillation, Savoring Liquid Barley, and Uncovering the Stories of the Taste.

Come behind the scene and learn about the art of whisky making, including the intricacies of distillation and the decisions made by the master distillers. We will taste our "Liquid Barley", and immerse ourselves in the stories behind the taste. This quest for taste, knowledge, and enlightenment will deepen your understanding of single-malt whisky.