BATCH SIZE: 100 – 1200 L BOTTLE SIZE: 500 ml ALCOHOL: 43% vol.

Contemporary design, with traditional balance. Aquavit's fresh dill and caraway botanicals revitalise bold classic juniper in the Angelica Gin. Pink peppercorn enlivens and turmeric grounds the mix, over broad angelica root. Enjoyed neat, Angelica Gin is a bright, clean gin. Mixed, the spirit opens into a rich, elegant flavour profile.

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Angelica root, juniper, caraway seed, dill seed, pink peppercorn, turmeric.

Nordic Dry Gin

Angelica Gin is an all-organic premium London Dry Gin crafted with a small-batch approach, ensuring complete control over the taste and quality of the gin. Representing the intersection of Scandinavian and British spirit cultures, the name "Angelica" comes from the blend of botanicals, inspired by Nordic ingredients, angelica root, dill, and caraway that balance the herbal juniper in this delightfully bright gin.

Complex botanics

Distinct and flavorful, Angelica Gin’s aquavit-inspired herbs angelica root, dill and caraway balance traditional British gin botanicals to create a unique nordic taste profile. Enjoyed neat, it presents a complex balance of earthy flavors accenting the herbal notes of juniper while the herbal tonic flavors become more pronounced when mixed in a gin & tonic. Because of the depth and complexity of this Angelica Gin, we like it in spirit-forward, herbal cocktails such as Negroni, Gin & Tonic, or Martinez.

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