Distilling since 2015


Jim Murray — The Whisky Bible

"With this whisky, you’re making history”


Experimentation and Radical Thinking

Over the years, our bold sense of adventure has led us to discover new tastes, combinations, and flavours that have never been experienced before.Our products should be a pleasure for both the palate and the eye. From the design of our spirits to the design of our bottles, we follow our instincts and obey the thrill of discovery.

Our standards

Quality Is at our Heart

Sustainability is a critical principle for us. Our electricity is windmill-generated, the grist from the whisky is repurposed for animal fodder and the stoppers for the bottles are made from recycled cork. The water used in production is circulated 4-5 times and finally used for cleaning of the still, and then sent off as completely uncontaminated rain water. Future plans include using it for irrigation of rooftop gardens above the distillery.


Coming Together over Craft

Behind the curtain, you will find a passionate network of individuals who believe whole-heartedly in the fine artisan craft of distillation. Spanning countries, cultures and languages, we pride ourselves in being a contributor to the greater advancement of the spirit distillation community.

product characteristics

Innovative in flavour while maintaining a universal deliciousness