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500 M2 space 600 Standing guests 149 seated guests 2 Tasting Rooms Cocktail Bar Outdoor Patio Catering kitchen

Our 500 m2 space boasts a central location, an industrial setting with high ceilings, a built-in craft cocktail bar, and a serving kitchen. Our team specializes in creating personalized experiences, bringing your unique event vision to life. Don't settle for a standard event; contact us now to plan a tailored and professionally executed experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Cocktail Bar & Serving Kitchen

Fully Equipped Stage

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Let Our Past Events Inspire Your Next Celebration at Copenhagen Distillery.

We've had the honor of hosting events in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Our versatile space can accommodate any occasion, from corporate events to intimate celebrations. Here, we've compiled a selection of the most unique events we've hosted.

Food & Drinks

Serving Kitchen
Cocktail Bar
Food Trucks




2 Projectors / Screen in meeting rooms
Professional lighting system
Sound System

Starting prices for events

Standard Package: DKK 35.000,- per day, 550 Standing or 150 sitting. 08:00-02:00.

Big Tasting Room: DKK 5000,- 40 Guests. 4 hours.

Small Tasting Room: DKK 2.500,- 10 Guests 4 hours.

+ Audio & Visual Technician: 5.000,- Required at certain events.

Prices for concerts


Specs & Gear


The stage is as a default 4m X 5m X 0,8m, but we can add parts andextend to 5,5m X 7m X 0,8 if we agree on a need for it.‍


4 pcs 1 x 2 m (Height: 0,2 or 0,4 m)DJ-table: 1 pcs 1 x 2m, 1 pcs 0,5 x 2m (height 0,9 or 1,0 meter)



12 x L’Acoustics DV-Dosc tops
4 x Turbosound TSW718 subs
2 x L’Acoutstic X12 front fills


‍1 x Midas M32 with DL32 32/16 IO via Cat5
1 x Multicore: 4 x Cat6, 4 x XLR (aes-ebu), 1 x CE power


6 x RCF TT25


1 x B52A1 x B91A6 x SM57

2 x MD421

6 x 6046 x Atm33 condenser mic6 x B58a3 x SM582 x TB mic8 x DI, Klark DN100‍2 x Stero DI, Klark DN200

Audio Cables

12 x 2m xlr
12 x 3m xlr
12 x 5m xlr
12 x 8m xlr
8 x 15m xlr
4 x 4par xlr 5m
4 x 4par xlr 8m
2 x 4par xlr 15m
6 x adapter bal. jack > xlr male
6 x adapter bal. jack > xlr female
4 x adapter xlr male-male
4 x adapter xlr female-female
4 x 1/4” jack-jack, 3m  
2 x stereo minijack > 1/4” jacks


3 x 12par remoteboxes, 15m veam cable, xlr male outbreaks


4 x small boom stand, large round base
8 x small boom stand, small round base
12 x tall boom stand, long tripod legs
2 x straigt stand, large round base


10 x 5-plug 230v, 8m
5   x 5-plug 230v, 5m
5  x 3-plug 230v, 5m
4 x 5-plug LK-Shucko, 1.5m
2 x CE 1/16A 230v cable, 15m
2 x CE 1/16A 230 v cable, 8m
4 x CE 1/16A 230v – LK 5 plug outlets
2 x IEC appliance 230v cable


3x16A 230v CE


16x SGM g-4 Wash‍1x Smoke Factory Tourhazer II


2x Panasonic PT-VMZ60EJ Laser Projectors
6.000 Ansi-lumen
Resolution 1920x1200
Connection HDMI + USB C