BATCH SIZE: 100 - 1200 L BOTTLE SIZE: 500 ml ALCOHOL: 41% vol.

Gin, reimagined. A fruit-forward evolution that breathes new life into an age-old spirit. Orange Gin is a harmonious blend of rich, complex oranges and bold juniper. The addition of allspice brings a touch of warmth, green cardamom infuses vibrancy, and prune deepens the flavor palette. Sipped neat, the gin delivers a satisfying bitter orange kick. In a cocktail, the sweet oranges expand, resulting in a delightful burst of fruity citrus.

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Fruit-forward gin. Rich & complex oranges balance prominent juniper.

Subtle Sweetness

Our Orange Gin is a crowd-favourite at our tastings. It's a treat served neat, as the orange in the gin downplays the herbal juniper taste and enhances the fruity juniper notes making it a very soft and gentle gin, that even people who are not much into gin enjoy. Neat, Orange Gin has a subtle sweetness with bright orange notes and just a hint of florals. Mixed with tonic, the gin evolves enhancing the savoury botanicals creating a balanced yet refreshing drink.

Fragrant & Flavourful

Produced as a London Dry Gin in small batches, Orange Gin is a fruit-forward organic spin on the early-20th-century orange gins. The botanicals are meticulously balanced to create a flavorful gin that can stand on its own or be used in cocktails, especially in fruit-forward compositions. We recommend using Orange Gin in simple compositions such as a Negroni for a softer cocktail classic or in a gin fizz to enhance the sweet orange flavor.

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