Bay Leaf

BATCH SIZE: 100 – 1200 L BOTTLE SIZE: 500 ml ALCOHOL: 45% vol.

Gin taken in a herbaceous modern direction. Silken juniper connects herbal bay to creamy, earthy angelica in the Bay Leaf Gin. Cranberry both sweetens and sharpens, lemon lifts, and allspice grounds. Enjoyed neat Bay Leaf Gin is a rustic and aromatic gin. Mixed, the aromas open, turning fragrant and savoury.

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Aromatic bay leaf, fresh lemon zest cranberries, angelica, allspice, juniper.

Juniper-forward Classic Dry Gin

Bay Leaf Gin is our interpretation of the classic London Dry Gin. Traditional juniper connects herbal bay to creamy, earthy angelica offering a rich and herbaceous taste profile. As our most juniper-forward gin, it showcases the bold and traditional flavor that is expected of London Dry Gin. The high proof Bay Leaf Gin is thick and oily in the glass adding to a fuller mouthfeel, which despite its intensity provides a serene balance that can be enjoyed neat or mixed. Its rich and full-bodied taste profile makes it perfect for those who appreciate classic gin flavor, but taken up a notch.

Organic and Handcrafted

Bay Leaf Gin is a premium, handcrafted gin that is produced with care and attention to detail. Made with organic ingredients and a small-batch approach, the distillers at our Copenhagen-based distillery have complete control over the quality and taste of each bottle. The carefully selected botanicals are meticulously balanced to create a flavorful gin that can stand on its own or be mixed in cocktails. 

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