Limited Editions

Organic Spirits Handcrafted collaborations Pushing boundaries

We create organic craft spirits that are unlike anything else out there. In our limited edition series, we team up with the best in their fields to bring together culture and experience, making things for our fans together with fans. By co-creating with our community, we're able to craft unique and unforgettable spirits that are all about making memories and experiences.

Co-creation and Collaboration are in our DNA.

Our seasonal spirits capture the essence of Danish culture and the changing seasons with unique combinations of fresh, local ingredients. We collaborate with local chefs and restaurants to create limited-edition spirits inspired by their menus, making every sip a fantastic experience. Some of our limited editions are only available in our bottle shop, making them an exclusive treat for visitors. Come taste the magic of our limited editions, and discover the unique flavors and aromas of Copenhagen Distillery.