The Artist Formerly Known as Milk and Cookies



Our award-winning cocktail, The Artist Formerly Known As Milk And Cookies (TAFKAMAC). This spicy and fresh concoction is a milk-clarified pre-batch cocktail features matured oak cask port wine, chai tea, warm spices, Christmas snaps, and Cinnamon Pepper Aquavit. Named the most innovative gløgg of the year at the national championships, TAFKAMAC offers a unique take on traditional warm winter drinks. Try it at the distillery cocktail bar and experience the perfect blend of warmth, spice, and innovation in this cold-serve cocktail. A full recipe will be published later.


  • Wine Glass


  • Cinnamon Pepper Aquavit
  • Cask Matured Christmas Snaps
  • Port Wine
  • Chai Tea
  • Mix of Warm Spices
  • Garnish: Dried Orange Slice
  1. Pour pre-batched TAFKAMAC into wine glass
  2. Garnish with dried lemon slice

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