Dill Anise

BATCH SIZE: 100 – 1200 L BOTTLE SIZE: 500 ml ALCOHOL: 41% vol.

A zesty contemporary profile with a distinctly Nordic aftertaste. Crisp lemon peel lifts a harmonious balance of aquavit’s traditional dill, expressed with earthy seeds and fresh fronds, and globally-enjoyed green anise.

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Dill seed, dill frond, anise, lemon zest. A distinctly Nordic aftertaste.

Traditional Aquavit

Dill Anise Aquavit is a premium and handcrafted spirit produced in small batches using organic ingredients at our distillery in Copenhagen. This ensures that our distillers have complete control over the taste and quality of each bottle. The aquavit is made in the Scandinavian tradition with a little twist, making it a refreshing take on the classic flavor profile.

Fantastic fish friend

Slender and elegant, Dill Anise Aquavit has a fresh and slightly sweet expression. The combination of dill tips and seeds creates a classic fresh and green expression with slightly deeper and sweet notes from the anise, giving a soft feeling of liquorice. Serve it in a high-stemmed glass with fish dishes as it is balanced to complement salmon, prawns and matured herring.

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