Byens Gin

BATCH SIZE: 100 – 1200 L BOTTLE SIZE: 500 ml ALCOHOL: 45% vol.

An homage to the city in collaboration with F.C. Copenhagen. Byens Gin is produced like a London Dry Gin. Apart from essential juniper, the team is set with angelica, allspice, lemon bay leaves and cranberries before it scores a brace with red clover and lion's tooth - with the yellow heads nipped off.

We ship to Denmark, Sweden & Germany

Lion's tooth, red clover, juniper, bay leaf, angelica root, cranberry, allspice, lemon zest.

A toast to the community, the city, and the bond that connects everyone in their everyday lives.

It’s been a process of exploration to discover and distill just some of what makes Copenhagen what it is. The big things and the small; the rhythm of city life, meetings between friends, and the unrelenting sprigs of greenery that sprout between the cobblestones. Our search started on our home field by Kløvermarken and ended up all the way across the city with the lions in Parken. That’s why you’ll taste both clover and dandelion in Byens Gin. It makes for a spirit that stands above the rest as one whose taste inspires recognition and memories of what we all have in common. 

We wanted to give something to all the people who support the team and to Copenhageners in general. We have a lot of respect for our fans and for our city. Every time we walk on the pitch, we represent the city. Every time we have to give our best.

- Martin Nøhr - Merchandise & Retail Operations Manager, FC København

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