Urban Craft Distillery

Est. 2014 New World Whisky Contemporary Distillation Unique Cask Maturation

Distillation is more than just a simple process of combining ingredients - it is a unique intersection of art, craft, and science. We are driven by passion and the pursuit of excellence, aiming to embody the spirit of Copenhagen through the imaginative expression of flavor and aroma.

100% Organic

Whisky sets us apart. Made with Danish organic grain, yeast, and regular tap water. The grain's natural essence is preserved through our contemporary mashing, fermentation, and distillation process resulting in a smooth and complex 'liquid barley'.

Small-Batch Production

The small-batch production gives us complete control over the spirit, ensuring the utmost care and precision while working with fluctuating temperatures to speed up the maturation. Achieving full flavor without prolonged aging.


With three distinct editions of whisky to choose from - Raw, Refined, and Rare - even the most discerning palate will be intrigued. We also offer a range of premium white spirits, including gin, aquavit, and limited editions, all dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability. 

Guided by a philosophy of eco-friendliness, our electricity is generated by wind turbines and solar panels, and the byproducts of whisky production are utilized in innovative ways. The cooling water from the distillation process is used for the next whisky batch production, and any excess is used for cleaning, minimizing electricity and water consumption. Leftover grist is used as animal feed or up-cycled human food.

Dive into the details with our master distiller

Join us on our journey of elevating the art of whisky making.

We are driven by a deep love of the art and a desire to share our knowledge with the world. That's why we've made it easy for visitors to see what sets our spirits apart for themselves. Whether you're a seasoned professional or simply someone who enjoys a good drink, we invite you to come and explore the magic of craft spirits at Copenhagen Distillery. Every spirit tells a story, and we believe every story deserves to be heard.