Organic Single Malt Whisky

New World whisky Comes in three edtions RAW. REFINED. RARE.

We deeply respect the craft of whisky-making but are fearless in pushing boundaries and challenging traditions. Our contemporary approach is grounded in innovation, precision, and attention to detail – with every step of the process equally important. Nothing is left to chance, from selecting Danish organic grains to the unique way we approach malting, smoking, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and maturation. Our small-batch production process allows us to maintain complete control during maturation, utilizing the fluctuating temperatures of our distillery to speed up the process while extracting the full flavor and intensity of the casks. Our three editions - Raw, Refined, and Rare express our whisky-making approach.


Our most straightforward and honest whisky expression – as simple as it gets, yet the most difficult to make. It is a new-make matured in non-charred virgin Hungarian oak casks. Expect sweet notes of ripe stone fruit, heather honey, coconut, white pepper, and cloves perfectly married with the dry notes in the aftertaste.


Smoked new-make, matured in our bespoke Hungarian virgin oak casks. This is an expressive dram imbued with notes of delicate phenols on the nose, seamlessly blended with a subtle smokiness, herbaceous sweetness, and discrete spiciness on the palate.


Testament to our passion for innovation and experimentation, working with ancient grains or bespoke casks crafted to perfection to create a distinct flavor profile that sets each edition apart.

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