Long Pepper

BATCH SIZE: 100 – 1200 L BOTTLE SIZE: 50 cl ALCOHOL: 41% vol.

A light and thirst-quenching aquavit. Dill seed adds strokes of anis on the nose and wraps long pepper’s exotic notes of ginger and lemon grass in sweetness and warmth. The result is a surprisingly soft aquavit with a roundness to the aftertaste.

We ship to Denmark, Sweden & Germany

Dill seed, long pepper. exotic notes of ginger and lemon grass.

Smooth simplicity

Distilling long pepper provides a unique roundness to the spirit. Serve in high-stemmed glass ware at room temperature or slightly chilled. Pair with lobster, oysters, or fatty fish. Distilled with long pepper and dill seeds, this aquavit has a simple blend of botanicals that results in a smooth and fruity expression, unlike the harsh end of traditional aquavits. It also works well in cocktails, particularly as a substitute for white rum, creating a balanced and distinctive flavor that's hard to achieve otherwise.

Versatile premium aquavit

Long pepper is a premium and handcrafted spirit produced in small batches using organic ingredients at our distillery in Copenhagen. This ensures that our distillers have complete control over the taste and quality of each bottle. This aquavit is a complete reboot on the traditional flavor profile making it a versatile spirit for any occasion, be it for serving neat or as a spirit base in your cocktails.