White Russian



Preptime: 2 minutes

Servings: 1

Cream... From Alexanders and Grasshoppers to clarified punches or egg nog, cream is a must-have in a bar. The White Russian is like a crane kick; performed correctly there is no defense. Surprisingly it is actually a Black Russian with a float, but said float changes the cocktail from a coffee/spirit serve into a liquid dessert. It varies from the Big Lebowski caucasian which uses milk instead of cream and is more of a highball.


  • Rocks glass
  • Measuring Cup / Jigger
  • Bar spoon


  • 3 cl Vodka or Coffee Spirit
  • 3 cl Heavy Cream
  1. Fill a rocks glass with ice
  2. Add 3 cl Vodka or Coffee Spirit
  3. Add 3 cl Coffee Liqueur
  4. Gently pour 3 cl heavy cream
  5. (Optional) Garnish with coffee beans

Spirits used to make White Russian

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