The Team

22 fulltime employees

We are a group of passionate individuals committed to crafting premium spirits that embody the essence of our city - Copenhagen. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, we work tirelessly to create unique and delicious spirits that reflect the diverse cultural heritage and vibrant creativity of our home. Whether you have inquiries about our products, want to provide feedback, or simply want to connect, we're eager to hear from you.

Front of House

Tobias Virmajoki Larsen:

Tours & tastings

Freja Brinks:


Christina Hansen:


Esben Just Rasmussen:


Robin Bery:

Sales - Denmark

André Laursen:

Sales - Copenhagen

Pedro Ahumada Romagnoli:

Sales - International

Marcus Christensson:

Sales -  DACH

Jesper Mathiesen:


Örn Ólason:


Sune Urth:

Master distiller

Lasse Öznek:


Henrik Brinks: