Cask Shares

5-6 bottles of finished whisky Tailored Events and Tastings 3-4 Years of maturation 135 5L shares available Bottles picked up at distillery

Join our cask shareholder network of like-minded whisky enthusiasts and experience your whisky grow from new make to finished whisky. During the maturation period, you’re invited to cask shareholder days and tailored events & tastings. A cask share is 5 L of liquid barley new make, which will mature for 3-4 years before being bottled. Depending on angel share, cask share owners receive 5-6 bottles of an exclusive cask share edition whisky, which is to be picked up at the distillery in Copenhagen at the end of maturation.

We ship to Denmark, Sweden & Germany

Intense, soft malt taste, coated with natural sweetness and notes from roasted oak.

Exclusive Whisky Experience

Our Master Distiller has handpicked three bespoke virgin Hungarian oak casks filled with our distinctive liquid barley on organic Danish Odyssey barley malt. The cask share edition whisky will be a blend of the three casks, and you'll be able to follow the evolution of the flavor over time. During the maturation period, you are invited to shareholder-exclusive events and tastings.

Production Details

The whisky in these cask shares is crafted from organic Danish Odyssey barley malt and whisky yeast, undergoing a fermentation period of 7-10 days. Distilled in August 2022, it then matures for 3-4 years in handmade, lightly toasted virgin oak casks, with an anticipated bottling date in late 2025 or 2026.

Witness your whisky evolve 

Each cask contains 45 shares of 5 liters, totaling 135 shares available for sale. Multiple shares can be purchased, but they cannot be divided. Your cask share includes 5 liters of organic new make at approximately 62-64% ABV, yielding roughly 5-6 bottles of 700ml Single Malt Whisky with a final ABV above 50%, depending on the angel's share.

The finished whisky showcases an intense and soft malt taste, natural sweetness, notes from toasted oak, and a finish in dry spicy tannins that fade into a juicy fullness. This "Cask Share" edition is exclusively available to cask owners, with the finished bottles to be collected directly from the distillery upon maturation.

As a cask shareholder, you gain access to unique cask shareholder days and tailored events, allowing you to sample your maturing whisky. Each cask share purchase includes Danish alcohol tax, VAT, and all insurance. After bottling, the casks will remain part of Copenhagen Distillery’s whisky production and are not for sale, ensuring their ongoing contribution to our craft.

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Cask Shares