RARE Edition Whisky Batch No. 3 250 bottles 700 ml + 5 bottles 2500 ml 48.7 % Alc./Vol.

This organic whisky is made from malted emmer. With an alluring dark molasses colour, the whisky is characterised by an intense profile of honey, warm spices and oak tannins. Hints of fresh, green foliage on the nose develop into a hearty mouthfeel of malted grain, fermented stone fruit, fresh oak and tobacco. It finishes with light, bitter notes that linger on the palate. By and large, a complex whisky that requests your time and presence.

We ship to Denmark, Sweden & Germany

Batch no. 3 SINGLE MALTED EMMER. 48,7 % Alc./Vol. 250 bottles. 700ml.


This bottle is a testament to the craft and science of whisky making. It’s our second release in the new 700ml bottles, embossed with the distillery’s name on the sides. Belonging to our RARE category, this whisky is entirely mashed, fermented, distilled, matured and bottled at our distillery in the heart of Copenhagen. It takes more than passion and know-how to produce - it also takes 1000 kilograms of malted emmer and a strong team to turn it into a hogshead cask of this unique whisky. It's matured in virgin oak casks to preserve the extraordinary taste profile of the emmer - a celebration of the beauty and complexity of the ancient grain.

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