Make Your Own Gin

2,5 Hours Welcome drink Guided tour Gin tasting Hands-on distilling

Ever wondered how to make a gin? Wonder no more. Experience a 2-hour gin-making adventure at Copenhagen Distillery. In this course, you’ll be taken through the technical ins and outs of craft distilling and the history of gin before trying your hand on your own apparatus at distilling your unique bottle of gin.

2,5-Hour course in craft distilling
Welcome drink from the Cocktail Bar
Guided tour of the distillery
A tasting of a selection of our gin
Hands-on course in craft distilling 
A bottle of your own craft spirit
(Extra bottle can be purchased at booking)

Join our distillation experts in a unique hands-on experience

With a welcome drink in hand from the Cocktail Bar, embark on a guided tour with one of our distilling experts around the craft distillery. Afterward, you’ll taste a selection of our premium gin, to understand the tastes of different botanicals and ingredients.

Now you’re all set to distill your own unique spirit, be it a bottle of gin, aquavit, or something completely different. You decide. With an alcohol base in hand, you select your own blend of herbs and spices and distill it on your miniature distillation apparatus - of course with our guidance if wanted.

When you are finished with the course, the distillery cocktail bar is open for good talks with curious minds and a drink or two.

Want to make gin, aquavit, or something completely unique? It's all up to you.

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