RAW Edition Whisky Batch No. 4 1360 Bottles 700 ml. 58,8% Alc./Vol. Single Distilled

An intense dark amber colour with heavy oils is what meets the eye. On the nose, sweet notes from ripe stone fruit, heather honey malted barley and oak combine in harmony. Sweet cane sugar molasses, coconut, vanilla, white pepper, cloves, and Hungarian oak cover your palate. An aftertaste characterized by dryness from the oak tannins followed by soft bitterness from green almonds. All organic.

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Batch No. 4 1360 Bottles 700 ml. 58,6% Alc./Vol. Single Distilled

Danish whisky

The RAW whisky category is an expression of the very core of whisky-making craftsmanship and batch no.4 is no exception. The whisky is made from 100% organic malted barley, which after our unique fermentation process is distilled into a complex and flavorful New Make, that is subsequently matured for an average of 3.5 years in virgin casks of Hungarian oak. 


Entirely fermented, distilled, and matured in Copenhagen. Each step of traditional production is carefully redesigned to sustain our deeply personal vision. Single malt's every element is refined and intensified. Modern precision boldly supports whisky’s rich history of culture and camaraderie, of people bonding together over impassioned craft.

Details from the distiller


The dry flavors brought forth by cask maturation in virgin oak casks make RAW whisky a perfect partner for whisky-forward cocktails such as Manhatten and Old Fashioned. The sweetness intertwines neatly with the sweetness of the sweet vermouth in a Manhattan cocktail.

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