Whiskyens Dag: Past, Present, Future

Exclusive Whisky Tasting Signature Whisky Cocktails Bites for purchase Live Music Doors open 15:30 Ticket: 150,-

Our whisky following is growing and it's time to return the favor of your support! Saturday, September 16th will mark the first edition of "Whiskyens Dag", an annual celebration of all things whisky for the Copenhagen Distillery Whisky Club. This year's theme will be "Past, Present, Future" and will feature a tasting of the entire RAW series. So if you missed one of the, now sold-out, editions, this is your chance to catch up!


It is our great pleasure to invite you to the first of a long series of annual ”Whiskyens Dag” events. 

After a whisky cocktail concocted by our head of R&D Sune Urth, we will venture into a thorough presentation of our history and future before an exclusive tasting of the entire RAW whisky series from start to finish, with Master Distiller Lasse Öznek and Henrik Brinks. So in case you missed some of the early, now sold-out, releases, this is your chance to get caught up. What did we do? Why did we do it? And where is it taking us?

After the tasting, Henrik Brinks will fire up the grill, offering bites for purchase alongside a beverage from the bar. On top of the regular menu, the bar will be serving a special whisky menu with cocktails on whisky for the occasion.

A ticket includes:
  • A signature whisky cocktail of Sune's making.
  • A tasting of every RAW Edition we’ve ever made hosted by Lasse and Henrik.
  • 10 % off everything in the shop.

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