Flatlist Festival

1-day festival Va$htie Goss Iva$ito Mercedess Dose Sampu Lisa Fosmark Malika Mahmoud

As the host venue for FLATLIST Festival, Copenhagen Distillery was thrilled to welcome a lineup of forthcoming artists that shared the FLATLIST Eyewear energy of no compromise and no BS. The festival, organized by FLATLIST Eyewear, merged music and fashion in an effortless manner, creating an intimate one-day affair that brought together good people, good vibes, and good memories.

Held during Copenhagen Fashion Week, FLATLIST Festival took place at the cozy indoor and outdoor venue hidden in Copenhagen's secret backyard, Copenhagen Distillery on Kløvermarksvej 70D. Guests were invited to sip, feast and shake off the pandemic dust with a myriad of good people, while enjoying the music of some of the most promising artists in the industry.

FLATLIST is more than just an eyewear brand, and its festival perfectly captured the essence of the brand's values. Most of the frames and designs were born from nights out, good memories with good people and good vibes. The festival aimed to recreate that energy and offer a space where guests could come together and create new memories.

The festival line-up featured an exciting mix of Danish and international artists, including Va$htie (US), Goss (DK), Iva$ito (DK/CL), Mercedess (DK), Dose Sampu (DK/UK), Lisa Fosmark (DK), and Malika Mahmoud (DK). Each artist brought their unique sound and style, adding to the overall atmosphere of the festival.

FLATLIST Festival was a huge success, and Copenhagen Distillery was proud to have played a part in it. The festival perfectly captured the energy and spirit of the FLATLIST brand and left guests eagerly anticipating the next installment.