Whisky & Blues

Whisky tasting Live blues music Specialty Whisky Cocktails Doors open: 17:30 Tasting: 19:00 Ticket: 450 DKK

Whisky tastings meet soul-stirring blues, an evening that's music to your palate and ears. Curated by our master distiller Lasse Öznek, the whisky tasting sets the stage. Between savoring each dram, let the live blues band fill the air with groove, playing throughout the evening until they decide it's time for the last note.

A Symphony of Taste and Sound

Whisky & Blues is a sublime evening where the intricate notes of whisky dance with the soulful tunes of blues. Master distiller Lasse Öznek crafts an immersive tasting experience, letting each sip set the rhythm, every dram tell a story, and the blues band bring it all to life, playing their stirring rhythms until the last note decides to wane.

Exploring the Craft, Savoring Liquid Barley, Living the Blues

Barley & Blues

Venture behind the curtains of the multifaceted world of whisky creation, weaving through the detailed process from grain’s inception to amber revelation, with the backdrop of resonant blues for the journey. Discover the distinctive Danish touch in our single malt whisky while the blues harmoniously reverberate, each strum adding a layer to your refined savoring experience. This melody of senses promises to elevate your appreciation and connection to both the nuanced world of whisky and the passionate realm of blues.

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