Heavy Award Show Presented by Prime Collective Doors open 19:00

Prime Collective invites you to a celebration of the rock and metal scene at Copenhagen Distillery. ”Den Hårde Tone” is an award show that pays tribute to the talent, creativity, and work ethic that characterize the Danish rock and metal scene, which is gaining increasing international recognition.

It has been quite some time since Denmark last held an awards ceremony to honor hard music genres. After the Danish Metal Awards ceased and the High Voltage Awards retired, it feels like the perfect moment to bring the Danish metal community together once more for a tribute event. The gathering will take place on November 18, 2023, at Copenhagen Distillery.

With a Danish scene that these years is experiencing great interest both nationally and internationally, "Den Hårde Tone" picks up the threads from the past year (October 22 to October 23), with a show where we pay tribute to the talent pool, creativity, work ethic and initiatives of the Danish rock and metal scene.

Nominees and winners for the Den Hårde Tone awards are chosen by a professional jury, writers, and group moderators, as well as industry professionals from the rock and metal scene. The initiative is led by Mirza Radonjica and his Prime Collective team, who have previously created the Underground Music Awards and produced the High Voltage Awards. Additionally, a team of Danish managers, writers, and musicians will help shape the Den Hårde Tone awards.

"There are many people working hard out there to showcase the Danish scene on small and large stages at home and abroad. Art is created, commercial success is created. Those people deserve a pat on the back, and our show can help give them that. At the same time, I am very much looking forward to gathering the whole scene for one of those evenings you can talk about until we meet at next year's event." 

- Mirza Radonjica

The team behind the tough tone will continuously announce the nominees in October, while performing artists, host and the show's categories will be announced continuously throughout the summer.