copenhagen distillery venue

Technical specifications


Depth 4 (5) meters, Width: 5 (7) meters, Height: 0,8m.


The stage is as a default 4m X 5m X 0,8m, but we can add parts andextend to 5,5m X 7m X 0,8 if we agree on a need for it.


4 pcs 1 x 2 m (Height: 0,2 or 0,4 m)
DJ-table: 1 pcs 1 x 2m, 1 pcs 0,5 x 2m (height 0,9 or 1,0 meter)



12 x L’Acoustics DV-Dosc tops

4 x Turbosound TSW718 subs

2 x L’Acoutstic X12 front fills


1 x Midas M32 with DL32 32/16 IO via Cat5

1 x Multicore: 4 x Cat6, 4 x XLR (aes-ebu), 1 x CE power


6 x RCF TT25


1 x B52A
1 x B91A
6 x SM57

2 x MD421

6 x 604
6 x Atm33 condenser mic
6 x B58a
3 x SM58
2 x TB mic
8 x DI, Klark DN100
‍2 x Stero DI, Klark DN200


12 x 2m xlr

12 x 3m xlr

12 x 5m xlr

12 x 8m xlr

8 x 15m xlr

4 x 4par xlr 5m

4 x 4par xlr 8m

2 x 4par xlr 15m

6 x adapter bal. jack > xlr male

6 x adapter bal. jack > xlr female

4 x adapter xlr male-male

4 x adapter xlr female-female

4 x 1/4” jack-jack, 3m  

2 x stereo minijack > 1/4” jacks


3 x 12par remoteboxes, 15m veam cable, xlr male outbreaks


4 x small boom stand, large round base

8 x small boom stand, small round base

12 x tall boom stand, long tripod legs

2 x straigt stand, large round base


10 x 5-plug 230v, 8m

5   x 5-plug 230v, 5m

5  x 3-plug 230v, 5m

4 x 5-plug LK-Shucko, 1.5m

2 x CE 1/16A 230v cable, 15m

2 x CE 1/16A 230 v cable, 8m

4 x CE 1/16A 230v – LK 5 plug outlets

2 x IEC appliance 230v cable



3x16A 230v CE


16x SGM g-4 Wash

1x Smoke Factory Tourhazer II

It will be possible to select from a variation of different pre-programmed staticcolor selections on the day. We do not offer an in-house light technician.

If you have a need for a specific color combination which hasn’t been pre-programed, you need to order this in advance and pay a programming fee.