Dråben Festival

DRÅBEN FESTIVAL Rap festival 1-day event

DRÅBEN FESTIVAL, the one-day festival paying tribute to hip hop, was a huge success in Copenhagen and Aarhus. In collaboration with GAFFA, the festival brought together the genre's top artists, creating a space for the missing community of hip hop followers throughout Denmark.

The festival held at Copenhagen Distillery was a great success. The program included performances from Benny Jamz, Carl Knast, Michael Williams, and Josie Amadonna, and an after-party with Yo Johnny.

Benny Jamz, with his +10 year career, marked himself as one of the biggest artists in the country, known for pushing boundaries and bringing grime music from London's harsh environments to the streets of Copenhagen. Carl Knast's performance was unforgettable, showcasing his unique sound and absurd yet well-thought-out productions. Michael Williams, with his authentic trap sound, was a huge hit among the audience, and Josie Amadonna delivered a powerful and cheeky performance that cemented her reputation as a skilled rapper.

DRÅBEN FESTIVAL hopes to become a recurring meeting point for hip-hop followers in Denmark and beyond, and with the success of its first year, it's clear that there is a huge demand for a festival celebrating this flourishing genre.