William Basinski - The Last Symphony

SOLD OUT Doors open at 19:00

Join us for an enchanting evening of ambient music at the Copenhagen Distillery on October 19, 2023, with renowned composer and musician, William Basinski. Doors open at 19:00 and the performance begins at 20:00. Immerse yourself in a world beyond time and place, courtesy of the master of deep listening.


William Basinski is set to hit Copenhagen with "The Last Symphony". The ambient master's magical and melancholic music comes alive in the brutal concrete of Refshaleøen's Copenhagen Distillery. Basinski, a living icon along the lines of Cage and Eno, has been a fixture on the New York avant-garde scene for decades. He's a rare visitor to our shores, but we have the great pleasure of presenting him in Copenhagen in October.

William Basinski is a celebrated figure in the world of ambient music. Known for his unique and experimental approach to composition, Basinski crafts soundscapes that are as timeless as they are evocative. He has carved out a space in the industry as an icon akin to Cage and Eno, and has been a significant figure on the New York avant-garde scene for decades.

Basinski’s music goes beyond the conventional, combining loops and delay of old tape recordings, white noise, and real sounds to create an atmospheric, spherical, and melancholic experience. His quadruple album "The Disintegration Loops" (2003) stands as a testament to his innovative approach, serving as a luminous centerpiece in his extensive catalog.

With a background rooted in classical music as a clarinetist and jazz saxophonist, and over 30 years' experience with experimental music and video art, Basinski's works draw audiences into a world beyond time and place. A virtuoso of his craft, his concerts are highly sought after worldwide for their transformative experience, making his visit to Copenhagen a not-to-be-missed event.