Astrid Sonne + Tara Clerkin Trio

Concert featuring Astrid Sonne Tara Clerkin Trio Doors open at 19:00

Astrid Sonne's special ability to explore the borderland between the organic and the electronic has made her one of the most prominent artists on the Danish and international experimental scene in recent years. Don't miss the chance to experience her show together with the London trip-hop jazz group Tara Clerkin Trio, playing on Danish soil for the first time.

Astrid Sonne

Through her discography, the internationally acclaimed composer and violist Astrid Sonne has created different moods using electronic and acoustic instrumental projects. The music on her upcoming album 'Great Doubt' (Escho, January 2024) beautifully accompanies the vocals and fills the sonic universe with viola sequences, digital brass and airy flutes. Beats and detuned piano are a new additions to the soundscape and prove how Sonne's practice is always evolving and exploring new territories.

With her background in classical music, Astrid Sonne explores the borderland between the organic and the electronic. Her ability to express vulnerable emotional stages and a human tenderness in a futuristic sound universe has made her one of the most important names on the Danish and international experimental scene. 

Tara Clerkin Trio

The three musicians, Pat Benjamin, Sunny Joe Paradisos and Tara Clerkin, have previously been involved in several cult-based bands in Bristol over the years before crossing their musical paths in this formation. The Tara Clerkin Trio takes inspirations from jazz, trip hop, electronica, psychedelia and minimalism and weaves them into charming, semi-psychedelic songs. Their latest EP 'On The Turning Ground' was released with the London-based label World of Echo in November and received a great praise. We are thrilled to welcome Tara Clerkin their first show in Denmark.

The concert is part of Winterjazz 2024 – a nationwide festival that takes place from 1-25 February. More info via