Demolizer + (0) + Crimson Burial

18:00 Doors open 19:00 Crimson Burial 20:00 (0) 21:00 Demolizer

On November 12th in the old industrial building, Copenhagen Distillery hosts a fiery metal ensemble set to pierce the November chill. Experience Demolizer's brutal thrash, venture into (0)'s experimental depths, and witness Crimson Burial's blend of 90s brutality and modern melody. As the dark Danish night settles, let the Distillery's walls resonate with unforgettable riffs and rhythms.


Formed in 2018. Demolizer delivers brutally hard and relentless thrash metal. They strive for the ultimate, fastest, and most malicious thrash metal sound. With two releases, the "Thrashmageddon" album and the "Upgrade" EP, and over 100 concerts under their belt, they guarantee a face-melting live experience. Their latest album "Post Necrotic Human" is out now and filled with devastating riffs.


An experimental band that blurs the boundaries between black metal, progressive metal, drone, and post-metal. Their debut EP from 2017 showcased their versatile play with genres, while the debut album "SkamHan" from 2020, released by Napalm Records, takes listeners on a dreamy, dark journey through the depths of the psyche.

Crimson Burial

A Copenhagen-based death metal band formed in 2020, Crimson Burial is known for combining the brutality of the 90s with today's complexity and melody. With energetic drumming, brutal guitar parts, groovy bass, and ruthless vocals, their live performances offer a dystopian lyrical universe. Their demo EP "Buried Alive" from 2022 and concerts with prominent Danish bands cement their place on the metal scene.