20_14 @distillery Brother May + Snuggle

Concert featuring Brother May Snuggle Doors open at 19:00

Curated by Rune Kielsgaard, 20_14 offers contrasting double-bills at Copenhagen Distillery. On concrete floor, center of room, shows are targeting abstract and catchy with low lights and energetic perspectives on sound and presence.

Brother May

Brother May is a charismatic London-based MC, songwriter and producer, known for his off-the-wall lyricism and energetic live performances.

As a founding member of the CURL collective (alongside Coby Sey and Mica Levi) he's a gifted collaborator and improviser, having also worked with the likes of Tirzah, Moor Mother, Kwes, and Matthew Herbert.

His new solo album “Pattern With Force”, co-produced with Mica Levi, was released on April 22nd.


Snuggle is a newly-formed duo uniting two dearly beloved musicians out of Copenhagen’s alternative music scene. Forming a symbiosis of different musical eras, Snuggle weaves together ethereal guitar melodies and breathy vocals into a fuzzy sonic blanket that carefully and empathetically envelops the listener. Their simple live setups create lo-fi collages evoking the wall-of-sound of 90s grunge and shoegaze as well as charmingly eclectic 00s pop productions.