20_14@distillery summer


Grilled corn on the cob, juicy pineapples, illuminating torches, refreshing Aquavit. All of these are enveloped in a sonic landscape of abstract concerts and DJ sets. Showcasing performances by Clarissa Cornelly, Francesca Buratelli, Camilla Myhre, Nicky Wetherell, and Rune Kielsgaard. The sound will be primarily acoustic, supported by a small sound system.

Clarissa Cornelly

Known for her experimental, dreamy pop with Celtic undertones. She will be performing this evening, playing the guitar in an improvisational setting.

Francesca Buratelli

Born in Italy, Francesca Burattelli has in recent years established herself on the Danish music scene with her distinctive experimental pop music. She will be contributing with sax, flute, and vocals.

Camilla Myhre

Camilla Myhre is known, among other things, for the music project Varnable. A project that presents a myriad of sounds spanning techno, soul, and experimentalism.

Nicky Wetherell

Nicky Wetherell will be playing the cello. He is a musician and artist from New York who enjoys exploring the texture of the instrument by combining acoustic and electric elements to create visceral sounds and soundscapes.

Rune Kielsgaard

Rune Kielsgaard is a Danish drummer who works within everything from improvisation and avant-garde, to pop and experimental post-production.