Copenhagen Coffee Spirit

The spirit of coffee in a bottle

Bring an unmatched coffee quality to all kinds of cocktails with our standout Coffee Spirit. The result of a close collaboration with our friends at Copenhagen Coffee Lab, we've crafted this elegant spirit to encapsulate the pure taste of espresso in a revolutionary product for every coffee lover.

Distilled completely on organic bourbon-arabica espresso beans from Guatemala, Coffee Spirit is a standout spirit in a crowd of otherwise synthetically flavoured products. It's pure and potent, with as much complexity as a freshly brewed shot of espresso.

The spirit’s well-rounded coffee taste makes it an undeniably creative and refreshing component for a wealth of traditional cocktails, just as it also inspires new creations behind the bar.

Looking for a fresh option on a casual evening? Try a coffee and tonic. Or maybe you’re looking to impress, so you shake up an amazing espresso martini with a deep and genuine coffee flavour.

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espresso martini

The Refined Classic Just
Got Better

What’s an espresso martini without an intense and fresh taste of espresso?

With Coffee Spirit your espresso martini will soar to new heights with its authentic taste of espresso, clear notes of chocolate and vanilla as well as a much more elegant mouthfeel than those made with sweetened coffee liqueurs.

Coffee & tonic

A Perfect Drink at Sunset

Coffee Spirit and tonic is the ideal alternative to a classic G&T.

While it may seem like an unusual mix to some, the fruity espresso is a perfect match for citrusy tonic. After one sip you'll experience a brilliant interplay between the coffee’s deep sweet notes and the tonic’s fresh and bitter citrus flavours.

Coffee & Pineapple

A Fruity Thirst-Quencher

Coffee Spirit's complex and bittersweet espresso flavors are the perfect base for a variety of fruity highball cocktails.

Try mixing it with a high-quality pineapple soda for an exotic and festive thirst-quencher with lots of freshness and fruit.

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Coffee Spirit

The Spirit of Coffee

No added sugar.

No disturbing side flavors.

Just a single estate bean, chosen and distilled with all the care and love we share.

Organic and handcrafted in Copenhagen.


Arabica beans from Finca Ceylan in Guatemala.


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