The Staples Jr. Singers

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“A key piece of gospel history”! The Staples Jr. Singers are authentic gospel and soul straight from Aberdeen, Mississippi. The legendary family band reissued their first album “When Do We Get Paid” on David Byrne’s Luaka Bop record label in 2022 and performed concerts for the first time since the 1970s. After a moving and completely sold-out show at ALICE last summer, we are thrilled to present The Staples Jr. Singers again when they take the stage at the magnificent Copenhagen Distillery venue this October with a new album.

The Staples Jr. Singers

“A key piece of gospel history.” This is how the press has simply and aptly described The Staples Jr. Singers – the legendary family gospel group from Aberdeen, Mississippi, who were part of the vanguard of soul and gospel artists in the 1970s, breaking with tradition. When they started in 1971, the group’s surviving members – the three siblings Annie, A.R.C., and Edward Brown – were just 11, 12, and 13 years old. They named themselves after their idols The Staple Singers and played talent shows and clubs as their popularity grew. The group then toured from their home in Aberdeen, Mississippi, across the Bible Belt to spread their soulful gospel sound and sell their first and only album “When Do We Get Paid” (1975).

In 2022, “When Do We Get Paid” was reissued on the iconic David Byrne’s Luaka Bop record label, receiving rave reviews and great enthusiasm from the audience. Rarely has an unknown gospel album outside the southern gospel circuit, first recorded in 1975, been reissued to the attention and recognition it deserves. The album draws on both funk and blues in its deep, soulful gospel songs, delivered with vocals that truly give you goosebumps. And even though three generations and 40 years have passed since the three original members of The Staples Jr. Singers performed concerts in their youth, they sound absolutely fantastic. We experienced this ourselves when the group played a completely sold-out concert at ALICE last summer during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Now we are proud to present them again when they take the stage at the magnificent Copenhagen Distillery with a new album this October. 

Note that the concert is standing. However, there will be a few unnumbered seats on the side of the hall if you wish to sit down. We recommend arriving early to secure one of these seats.