The Nordic Invasion Tour 2024

Door open at 18:00 Ticket price 200 DKK Aviana, Cabal, One morning left, Atena
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High five, Prime Collective and Nordic Cult Management presents a new Core Collaboration in the North. Prepare to immerse yourself in the raw power and unrelenting energy of Metalcore and Deathcore as we present to you a groundbreaking event like no other – The Nordic Invasion Tour! It will be a musical journey that transcends borders, uniting the best core bands from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland under one electrifying roof!

AVIANA (Sweden)

Dive into the intricate melodies and ferocious breakdowns from one of Sweden’s finest metalcore bands, showcasing unparalleled musicianship and emotional depth.

CABAL (Denmark)

Feel the adrenaline surge as Denmark’s powerhouse bands unleash their signature blend of aggression and innovation, pushing the boundaries of Deathcore to new heights.


Brace yourself for a sonic assault from Finland’s heavy hitters, delivering relentless brutality and unbridled passion with every crushing riff making you unable to stand still.

ATENA (Norway)

Surrender to the darkness with Norway’s masters of melancholy, weaving haunting melodies and savage aggression into a tapestry of raw emotion and unyielding power.

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