Nivhek: ENGINE + Lunden

Doors open 19:00 Ticket price 160 kr. Students ticket 100 kr.

Curated by Rune Kielsgaard, 20_14 offers contrasting double-bills at Copenhagen Distillery. Shows are targeting abstract and catchy with low lights and energetic perspectives on sound and presence. Expect train and car engine noise from drag races at Portland International Raceway/North Portland railway tracks; synth and other electronics.


The sound of excess, power, sex, destruction, capitalism, of oil becoming an airborne pollutant, of transformation, of life. Guttural bass and rev a mirror of organic rhythms - mimicking heartbeats, breathing, blood rushing. A spiral ode to symbiotic decay. A project of Pacific Northwest musician Liz Harris (aka Grouper). For this show Liz will be joined by Danish musician and composer Astrid Sonne on viola. 


Guitar, drums and vocals meet in a hybrid of post metal, neotribal and no wave. The grove is a sonic state where melody and rhythm are stretched and interwoven in energetic riff-inflected convulsions and ritual-like repetitions.