"an ominous transmission from a band who can summon a storm like few others" –Pitchfork

For more than a decade, Iceage has been in constant motion, from the internationally acclaimed debut record New Brigade (2011) to the follow-up You'reNothing (2013), which cemented their status as punk rock's new standard-bearers, and towards Plowing Into The Field Of Love (2014 ) and Beyondless(2018), which increasingly expanded the band's sound with, among other things, piano, strings, country-inspired guitar riffs and slow, grandiose compositions.

Iceage constantly adds elements to their sonic palette while maintaining the nerve that characterizes the band. They have been through a great musical and personal development from the beginning in the hyperlocal underground of Copenhagen, to stages all over the world over the years, where, despite their still young age, the band has played hundreds of concerts every year since their debut. Their upcoming album Seek Shelter (released 07/05-2021) has come to the world over twelve intense days in a former radio studio in Lisbon.

The surroundings facilitated a mix of new soul and nostalgia, the studio with holes in the high ceiling required rags hanging over countless buckets to prevent raindrops from being caught by the microphones while Peter Kember had filled the entire room with garden lamps. It's the longest time Iceage has ever spent recording a record, and it's the first time a producer other than Nis Bysted is assisting as part of the process.