Den Hårde Tone 2024

Doors open at 19.00 Ticket price 225 Kr. + Fee
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In collaboration with Royal Unibrew, we are excited to announce that the award show Den Hårde Tone is coming back to the Copenhagen Distillery Venue this fall. Let's pay a tribute to the talent, creativity, and work ethic that characterises the Danish rock and metal scene, which is gaining increasing international recognition together.

After a successful debut, where i.a. EYES ran with the title of artist of the year, and AFSKY won for album of the year, it is now time to look at the year that passed in Danish rock and metal. Who has left a mark of quality on our environment from October 2023 to and including October 2024? Who has made a big impression behind the scenes and where are we going? All that and much more, DEN HÅRDE TONE focuses on through a festive award ceremony and the podcast series of the same name, which received no less than 55,000 listens in its first year.