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Founded in 2015

whisky distillery

Founded in 2015

whisky distillery

Founded in 2015

whisky distillery


Copenhagen is a city that is known for its design, and our Copenhagen Gins follow in that philosophy—both in taste and aesthetic. We’re always looking to challenge the conventions of how gins are crafted: from the introduction of our award-winning Orange Gin in 2016 to our most recent Bay Leaf Gin. Whether it’s by experimenting with new flavours or removing extraneous ones, our gins are instantly recognisable and 100% memorable.


Our limited editions are distilled because of our curiosity of what’s possible. Most of them never make it to the bottle, but those who do, are definitely worth the taste.

A Modern Twist on a Traditional Scandinavian Spirit

Most aquavit is the same – it’s essentially alcohol flavoured with a distillate of dill seed and/or caraway, and then maybe cask matured. It’s beyond this point where brands start to distinguish themselves, us included. We let loose and rethink traditions with our aquavit, resulting in this collection of unique and fantastic spirits.

Coffee Liqueur with a Latin twist

For our Mexican Coffee Liqueur, we use organic Mexican coffee beans from two different roasts: a very light roast that lends a higher acidity, and a medium-dark roast that catches slightly bitter coffee notes. We combined the coffee distillate with cane sugar, green anise and a touch of grated organic lemon peel that adds a richer experience to any coffee liqueur drink.

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RAW, RARE and REfined

Copenhagen Distillery was born with an ambitious vision of innovating whisky production. We release whiskies in three categories, each with their own peculiarities.


With waves of light sherry notes, perfectly married with spicy Hungarian oak, vanilla and heather honey on the nose, it’s a rich yet well-rounded whisky.

A luscious mouthfeel with thick oils from the barrel-ageing mingles with malty, nutty and green barley flavours that can be traced back to the new make. The aftertaste is elegant and spicy with a pleasant dryness from oak tannins. In other words, an exceptionally good dram.

The fermentation lasts a week and results in a high proof new make that we affectionately call our “liquid barley.” Matured on medium toast and slightly charred virgin oak and finished in sherry casks.

The whisky is bottled at 51.6% ABV. in the new 70cl bottle.


RAW Edition – Batch Two

Single malt


This Copenhagen Distillery Single Malt Whisky is entirely fermented, distilled and matured in Copenhagen. It belongs to our Refined Edition category, which is characterised by a sophisticated maturation process on bespoke casks.

The result is a complex and sophisticated Single Malt Whisky which should be enjoyed neat in your best glass at room temperature.

The whisky is bottled at 54,9% ABV.

REFINED Edition – Batch One

Single malt


A bottle that tells the story of the distillery’s journey from making barrel-aged gin while waiting for our whisky to mature.

Local barley, mashed, fermented over seven days and double-distilled prior to ageing in our original Oak Gin casks from 2017 – the same casks that secured our first Masters' award in the Global Spirit Masters Competition.

Mild summer flowers meet spicy peppery notes followed by bitter almonds and sweet aromas. This is a complex yet well-balanced whisky that requires time. The aftertaste continuously evolves.

The whisky is bottled at 49% ABV.

RARE Edition – Batch Two 2021

Rare Edition


Our first batch in the RAW category is a whisky made from both triple and double distilled barley malt, which are the pinnacle of the work of two master distillers.

The whisky has been matured in bespoke 100L virgin casks. The casks are made from Hungarian Oak and are medium toasted. The whisky is made from the highest quality local malts and has a clean, crisp expression that comes from meticulous distillation processes and virgin casks.

It is remarkably rich in flavour with a fresh floral nose followed by a highly malted and peppery palette accompanied by subtle earthy notes. 

The whisky is bottled in cask strength: 61.1% ABV.

RAW Edition – Batch One 2020

RAW Edition

Where It All Started

The original. Copenhagen's first single malt whisky. Innovative, intense, elegant, exquisite. Danish from grain to glass. Our First Edition Single Malt Whisky was entirely fermented, distilled and matured in Copenhagen. Each step of the traditional production was carefully redesigned to sustain our fundamental vision. The innovative approach boldly supports whisky’s rich history of culture, friendship and coming together over impassioned craft. A meticulous distillate of local malted barley, matured in European oak seasoned with inspiration from a traditional Danish beechwood smokehouse. Uncompromising strength balances grace and power. The whisky was bottled unfiltered in custom Holmegaard's handcrafted Klukflaske, to express its deep, natural colour.

5-15 and
25-35 CL

Custom bottlings of approximately five to fifteen centilitres and twenty to thirtyfive centilitres, depending on each hand-crafted flask's size. Priced per amount and available to members of our Whisky Club. Only one hundred bottles will be filled, and may be collected personally at the distillery.

As a member of Copenhagen Distillery Whisky Club you will receive exclusive information about Whisky, releases and  production.Please let us know if you have any questions about our Whisky.

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Try out some of our new and unique recipes


Try out some of our new and unique recipes

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Most of them never make it to the bottle, but those who do, are definitely worth the taste.


A modern twist on the traditional Scandinavian spirit