RAW Edition Whisky Batch No.2 888 Bottles 700 ml. 51.6% Alc./Vol. Single distillation

With waves of light sherry notes, perfectly married with spicy Hungarian oak, vanilla and heather honey on the nose, this a rich yet well-rounded whisky. A luscious mouthfeel with thick oils from the barrel-ageing mingles with malty, nutty and green barley flavours that can be traced back to the new make. The aftertaste is elegant and spicy with a pleasant dryness from oak tannins. In other words, an exceptionally good dram.

We ship to Denmark, Sweden & Germany

Batch no. 2 Organic barley, Virgin oak, Single distillation


This bottle is a testament to the craft and science of whisky making. It’s our first release in the new 700ml bottles, embossed with the distillery’s name on the sides. Belonging to our RAW category, this whisky is defined by local grain, virgin cask maturation and our distinct process that truly retains the flavour of the grain.The fermentation lasts a week and results in a high proof new make that we affectionately call our “liquid barley.” Matured on medium toast and slightly charred virgin oak and finished in sherry casks, the whisky is bottled at 51.6% Alc./Vol.

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