DJ Shadow (US)

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Kløvermarksvej 70 D
2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
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DJ Shadow (Josh Davis) has been creating and releasing music for over 25 years, yet continues to innovate and move forward. The Bay Area producer catapulted to prominence thanks to his groundbreaking 1996 debut album, Endtroducing..., acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the first LP created entirely from samples. Since then, he’s refused to rely on a formula instead exploring new avenues and collaborating with the likes of Thom Yorke, Massive Attack, Jason Newsted (Metallica), Mike D (Beastie Boys), Zack de la Rocha, and others. In 2016 Shadow released The Mountain Will Fall album, which included his biggest single yet, Nobody Speak featuring Run The Jewels.

This june, while celebrating 30 years of beats, DJ Shadow will during his European tour visit Copenhagen again and you can experience how he rewinds, fast forwards, cuts, blends, mixes, scratches, loops, samples, accelerates, slows down and combines various songs to make them his. Sound collages of cold colours or his own minimalist tracks, everything that passes through DJ Shadow’s hands gets a new touch: an old school funk groove becomes a neon-lit alleyway, a hip hop beat turns into a psychological thriller and a jazz fusion simply becomes a declaration of love. Love of music, of course.

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